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Commercial ADA & IBC Compliant Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps

Titan Ramp System


Modular Wheelchair Ramp Basics:

If you're like most people we talk to on a daily basis, you're either bidding a job which requires  handicap access be added to a structure, or you've found yourself in a situation in which you need ramp access for yourself.  In either case, you found your way to this page, and we're confident we can help you meet whatever needs you have. Here are some of the basics:

  • Ramps are made of aluminum
  • Commercial Titan ramp width is 48"
  • Outside to outside dimension of ramp is 56"
  • Ramps can be of any length
  • To meet ADA compliance, a resting platform is required for every 30' of ramp
  • Legs are adjustable for changes in terrain
  • Meets all code requirements for load specifications
  • Ramps can be designed in an endless number of layout configurations
  • Ramps and platforms are always in stock and ship quickly
  • Ramps, platforms and stairs are ADA, IBC and OSHA compliant
  • ADA compliance requires a 1:12 slope ratio (One foot of ramp for every inch of rise)
  • Three year warranty for wear and durability



General Contractors & Property Management Companies:

We work with general contractors and property management companies in determining the best solution to their access needs. We understand construction and will work with you in designing a ramp that meets ADA guidelines and fits your specific needs. If you already have a layout for your ramp or photos of the location you would like to make accessible, you can fax us (303-703-4879) or email us info@modular-ramp-systems.com  and we'll get you a written quote usually within a day. Our primary focus is getting the job done right, in a professional manor and with impeccable customer service.

Payments: Although we prefer payment for modular ramps at time of order, we will accept purchase orders from established commercial entities. Large ramp orders may require a deposit at the time the order is placed.


Contact Us:

Please feel free to call us at 303-662-1155 and discuss your specific needs. Joe is our ramp expert and can help you design a ramp that meets ADA guidelines at the lowest possible price.



Call Joe at 1-303-662-1155 to discuss your needs.

Send Photos / Email - info@modular-ramp-systems.com

Or fax your layout to: 303-703-4879

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